Customer Testimonials

Nothing speaks better about our service than our loyal customers. Here are some testimonials from actual customers of Killian Pest Control.

Just No More Bugs!


We have been using Killian for about for just under a year now (with service every other month). I could not ask for more. Every guy we have had come seems to have a real, vested interest in earning our trust and taking care of our home. I have never felt so at ease with people in and around my home.

I also have had basically zero pest problems since their initial arrival (including no ants, which I thought was impossible). We once had a small return of some earwigs between treatments. I called them up and the lady was so genuinely nice and sent out a technician at no extra charge to come do an extra spray and that was the end of that!

They come, they spray, they remove the cobwebs, and after they leave there is no visible or smellable trace, just no bugs! What more can you ask for. I think they may be slightly more expensive than the "big brand guys", but I like having a locally, family-owned company that I can trust. Especially when I can't be home when they need to come spray. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone in town!

Amy T

Bed Bug Nightmare

Killian Pest Control,

In May of 2012, I let a family member spend the night at my home and 2 months later we had bedbugs. I got Killian Pest Control’s phone number from my landlord and called them. They came an hour later to inspect my home and found bed bugs only in my daughter’s room. Killian Pest Control only charged me a minimal fee to treat that room. There were a lot of bugs so they came back 4 times until we found no more bugs. I called Larry about 45 days later to thank him for the wonderful job he had done. Well a few days later they started biting my daughter down stairs on the couch! Killian gave me an estimate to treat my whole house and I thought I could not afford that so I called around and found another company who said they would treat my whole place for only $600.00. I thought wow what a great deal! **** X only offered a 90 day guarantee and now I know why. Here it is less than 4 months later we started getting bites again. I called **** X and they wouldn’t even return my call.

At this point I cannot take it anymore and have decided to move out of my house. I have called Killian Pest Control back and am using their drive thru bed bug treatment. I regret not calling them back in the first place. They would have fixed this problem if I would have not tried to pay the cheaper rate. Larry at Killian Pest Control never left me hanging like the cheap company did. Every time I called him, his technician was here! The reason I am writing this letter is to make other people aware. If you have a pest problem “DO NOT GO WITH THE CHEAPEST COMPANY YOU CAN FIND BECAUSE THEY WILL CHARGE YOU A SUM OF MONEY, SAY THE BUGS ARE GONE AND LEAVE YOU HANGING!” Now with everything from moving expenses, U-Haul rental, and the drive thru bed bug treatment, I am paying 3 times that amount I would have paid just by using Killian Pest Control the first time. This is more than a lesson learned.

Thank you Larry and the team at Killian Pest Control, you will always be my first choice!

Carla Wyatt

Bees Be Gone

Killian Pest Control,

I went outside and looked one more time and was astonished to find that the bees were gone! You guys went over and above on this job. Again, I want to know how much I appreciate your professionalism and desire to help a person in need. The whole experience from talking to Larry on the phone to watching you in action was a positive experience. While my sphere of influence is not that big, I will surely recommend Killian Pest Control to anybody who asks me about pest control.

Brian Briggs


Larry Killian,

Larry I wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure to work with you. Your outgoing, personable style and your professionalism were much appreciated. I know when people are dealing with these types of issues they are irritated and frustrated at having to deal with something that they know very little about and can, by an unscrupulous business man be taken advantage of.

At no time did I feel that. From the moment I contacted your office I felt the professionalism with which you dealt with the public. You were very honest and up-front about what we were dealing with and patient in explaining what had to be done and why it needed to be done. I also observed that the two young men who came out and helped dig the trenches were pleasant and hard-working. In addition when I interacted with Angel he was more than helpful in answering my questions and helping to ally any concerns I had about the tile roof.

Thank you once again. I would be happy to refer your company to anyone who asks. I hope that I have no further need of your services regarding termites and bed bugs, but should I, be assured that I would not hesitate to call.

Mike Evans – Founder/Director Wholeness Ministries

Pest Guard System®

Dear Mr. Killian,

It’s been several months since you installed the Pest Guard System® in our home, and I just wanted to say thank you.

When compared to our neighbors, we’re doing pretty well. They have had repeated visits of pest control vendors to deal with ants in their kitchens without much success. During their last ant attack, we were house sitting their home while they were visiting relatives in Dallas. My wife spent an hour with a pest control man trying to kill their ants. He set traps and sprayed pesticide inside the kitchen. In spite of the repeated visits, my biggest concern is that pesticide was being applied in an area where food is prepared!

In our home, with pesticide being applied behind the walls, I don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals topically sprayed to control bugs. I’m confident that my family will be free of exposure to these chemicals.

We’ve been in our home since early June and have rarely seen crawling insects or spiders. We did find a couple of black widow spiders in the corners of our garage, but that was the one place I chose not to use the tubes. Thanks again!


William J O’Brien

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